A Typo-Chronological and Analytical Lithic Study of the Neolithic Period in Jordan. A Case Study of Tell Abu Suwwan

Maysoon al-Nahar


Tell Abu Suwwan is one of the Neolithic mega-sites of Jordan, located east
of the ruins of Roman Jerash, north of modern Amman. Four seasons of
excavation revealed continuous occupation during the MPPNB, LPPNB,
PPNC and Yarmoukian periods. These excavations produced enormous
numbers of chipped stone artifacts from 45 units (each unit is 5*5 m). This
study presents the results of a comprehensive analysis of approximately
1500 lithic artifacts and 300 arrowheads recovered from securely dated
contexts. This research demonstrates that the defining characteristics of the
lithic assemblages found at Tell Abu Suwwan correspond strongly to those
of the other major Pre-Pottery Neolithic B and early Pottery Neolithic sites
in the southern Levant, with the added recognition of some unique tools
and tool characteristics.


Tell Abu Suwwan, Neolithic Period, Lithic Analysis, Jordan.

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