The Family of “Hutm” Anniversary as reflected in A Sabiaϲ Inscriptions

Ibrahim S. Sadakah, Amida Sh’lan


This research studies a Sabaic inscription kept in Archaeology Section
Museum - Sancā` University, and carries the no. A-20-1020. Unfortunately,
its provenance is unknown. This inscription was published, for the first time,
in Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions (CSAI) without any analysis or
detailed study. It deals with economic-agricultural activity. The inscription
shows some people of “Hdtm” family owned domestic animals. It is possible
also that they had corral, and they owned an irrigation canal. So, this
inscription is considered one of the trade-agricultural activities. In contrast, the
Corpus of South Arabian Inscriptions (CSAI) deals with it as a construction
text. And the research tracks the semantics and syntax of the verbs and the
personal names. It is dated to the Middle Central Sabaic period. This study
clarifies that the personal names `ndb and r`bct are attested for the first time
in the Sabaic Inscriptions, in addotion to the family/ clan name dm has the
first attestation in Monumantal inscriptions and the second time in Sabaic
Minuscul Texts. The study clears up the tense form `fcl of the personal name
which has no attestation in Ancient Sabaic inscriptions, but it appears in the
next stages.


“Hdtm” family, South Arabian Inscriptions, Sabaic Inscriptions, economic activities, personal names.

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