A New Awsanite Inscription from Wadi Markha (Yemen): A Linguistic Analytical Study

Abd Allah Ahmad Mikyash, Khayran Muhsin al-Zabidi


This research is a linguistic analytical study of a new Awsanite inscription from
Wadi Markha in the Shabwah Governorate, Yemen. Awsanite inscriptions are
few in number in comparison to the other South Arabic Inscriptions (Sabaean,
Minaean, Qatabanian and Hadramatic). The inscription under study is a new
addition to the list of Awsanite inscriptions. It is a votive inscription that dates to
the era of the Awsanite king and includes some information, personal names and
divinities that occur for the first time at the temple (Hdtm) in (Mnwbm) City in
Wadi Markhah.


Old South Arabic Languages, Awsanite inscriptions, Semitic Languages.

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