Archeological Writings in the Sources of Taqi al-Din al-Fasi in His Al-‘Iqd al-Thamin fi Tarikh al-Balad al-Amin

Ihsan Dhanun Abd al-Latif al-Thamiri


Archeological writings are important for the study of history and civilization
because they are concrete documents that confirm or deny much historical
material. There are many forms of archeological writings: inscriptions on plaques,
gravestones and coins.
Taqi al-Din al-Fasi (775-832 A.H. /1373-1429 A.C.) dealt with many
archeological writings when he wrote a history of the Blessed City of Mecca in
his large work The Precious Necklace in the History of the Secure City. Those
writings were of two kinds: plaques that record the foundation or renewal of
buildings or establishments and gravestones. This article studies these
archeological writings and the way al-Fasi made use of them in writing his work
of history, benefiting from the historical material they presented him in support of
his other sources. The writings are divided into three tables to clarify their
divisions, history and authors.


Mecca, Al–Fasi, Al-‘Iqd al-Thamin, inscriptions, gravestones, historiography.

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