Bandits and Their Impact on Zabid City From the Eighth to Mid- Ninth Century A.H. / Fourteenth to Mid-Fifteenth Century A.D.

Taha Husain Awad Hudil


This research studies the history of groups of bandits who appeared in some
Islamic societies, including Yemen, and specifically in the famous city of Zabid,
from the eighth to mid-ninth century A.H. / fourteenth to mid-fifteenth century
A.D. The members of this group were called ‘ayyarin (bandits) and other names
in the other Islamic societies in which they spread.
The connections that existed between Yemen and other areas of the Islamic world
and the political anarchy that existed in Yemen played major roles in bringing the
idea of this group to Yemen and spreading it widely, so that banditry, highway
robbery and anti-state activity became a profession.
In spite of the members of this group abandoning the values of conservative
Yemeni society known for gallantry and helpfulness, they allied with other groups
in order to achieve their political goals. By studying the history of this group, the
article seeks to understand the harmful impact they had on the economic and
social life in Yemen.


Bandits, Zabid, Yemen.

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