The Relations between the Ghassanids and the Byzantine State during the 6th and 7th Centuries A.D.

Salameh al-Nu‘aymat


This study contentrates on the relations between the Arab Ghassanids in Southern Syria and the Byzantine state during the sixth and seventh centuries A.D. The relations between the Romans/ Byzantines and the Arabs went back to the Nabataeans and Palmayra in the first century B.C to the third century A.D.
The main aspects of this relationship for the Ghassanids were political and military, as is clear from many references found in the historical sources, through which we can understand the connections between the Ghassanids and the Byzantine state. After the fall of the Arab states, there remained only the Ghassanids, who were a creation of the Byzantines, who controlled the land and sea routes in the northern areas of the Arabian peninsula and Bilad al-Sham, which was the Roman province of Arabia at the time.
This study is based on a careful reading of the Arab and Byzantine sources and modern historical and geographical works.


Ghassanids, Byzantium, Arab tribes, Trade, Greater Syria

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