Non-Traditional Hunting Tools in the Prehistory of the Arabian Peninsula: An Archaeological, Experimental and Ethno-Archaeological Study

Abdarrazzaq A. R. Al-Ma‘mary


This study examines two types of hunting traps in the Arabian Peninsula that are related to each other in function and characteristics, but differ in size and method of use. The first large cylindrically-shaped one is for hunting animals by means of the loops in the rope connected with the trap. The second small one, tied to a rope, is thrown towards the animal to wrap around its body or its front or hind legs. The first type probably first appeared in the early Neolithic period and went out of use first, while the second type developed from it and was used in the late Neolithic and later. The study presents suggestions for naming the traps and clarifies their similarities and differences, and also examines a third group of tools based on them that appeared later.


Hunting Tools, Neolithic Period, Arabian Peninsula

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