The Critical Readings of Ibn al-Abbar (d. 658 A.H./1260 A.D.) in his Book Takmilat li-Kitab al-Silah, His Supplement to the Book al-Silah by ‘Ali ibn Bishkawal (d. 578 A.H./1183 A.D.)

Yusif Ahmad Bni Yasin


This study seeks to clarify the relationship between the book al-Silah by Ibn Bishkawal and the supplement al-Takmilah by Ibn al-Abbar. Al-Takmiklah did not follow the pattern of the other Andalusian Silah books because it did not go back to the original source for review. Ibn al-Abbar presented his book al-Takmilah as a return to al-Silah as a review, critical reading and completion. The study examines the critical readings and comments in terms of their number, types and reasons for their presence by comparing the two texts.


Ibn Bishkwal, Ibn al-Abbar, Kitab al-Takmilah, Andalusian Literature

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