Al-Nawikiyah in Bilad al-Sham. A Study of Their Origin, Name and Relation with the Iraqi Ghuzz and the Saljuk State (462-471A.H./1069-1078 A.D.)

Issam Mustafa Okleh


This study examines the origins of the Nawikiyah, the first group of Turkish tribes who entered Bilad al-Sham. They succeeded in establishing a state that included Damascus and most of the southern part of Bilad al-Sham in 462-471 A.H./1069-1078 A.D. The study clarifies problems concerning their name and origin, i.e. whether the tribe was Turkish Ghuzz or from other peoples, and discusses the views that appear in the primary sources and modern scholarship about the relation of the Nawikiyah to the tribes of the Ghuzz in Iraq who rebelled against Saljuk rule and the extent of their cooperation with the Saljuk state and the Abbasid caliphate, whether in fighting the Fatimids or in establishing their state in Damascus and the southern part of Bilad al-Sham.


Nawikiyah, Ghuzz, Saljuks, Fatimids, Bilad al-Sham.

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