Physical and Mechanical Properties of Historic Building Materials: Towards Documentation and Conservation of Qusayr Amra in Jordan

Fadi Abedallah Bala'awi, Firas Mohamad Alawneh, Yahya Sulieman Alshawabkeh, Naif Adel Hadad


The current study investigates the chemical and physical properties of the stone building material used in Qusayr Amra, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Jordan. The chemical weathering impact of salt crystallization on these stones was evaluated with the goal of improving conservation efforts. Thermodynamic data from the tested samples using Runsalt software showed that Halite, Sylvite and Calcium Nitrate were the main potential soluble salts. High resolution 3D models and scans were produced using laser scanning in order to provide reference data and improve monitoring of the changes that affect the building. The results of this research point to the possibility of reducing the problems in the building by changing the current environmental conditions around the building and thus mitigating the major deterioration factor in this site due to the crystallization and distribution of salt.


Qusayr Amra, Building conservation, Thermodynamics of salt, 3D modeling

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