The Archaeological Inscriptions on The Mausoleum And Mosque Of The Prophet's Companion Abi- Obeidah Amir Bin Al-Jarrah

Saad mohammad Al-Momani


This research sheds light on the inscriptions and archaeological features of the mausoleum /mosque complex of the prophet companion Abi- Obeidah Amir Bin Al-Jarrah. These inscriptions and archaeological remains date from the reign of Sultan Baibers (658-676A. H/1260-1277AD) and those resulted from expansion works executed by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Holy places(1946-1954) and the Hashemite reconstruction in 1992 . Also this research pinpoints the location of the mausoleum in light of both literary resources and archaeological discoveries an analytical/artistic study of three inscriptions found in the complex and dating from the mamluk era is provided here . these inscriptions in provide historical , archaeological and waqfi information that is in accord with accounts chronicle along with identification of the officials responsible for undertaking the construction and innovation works . The analysis is accompanied by illustrative photographs and maps . The conclusion is given at the end .


Mausoleum, Masjid(Mosque), waqf, The Companion Abi-Obeidah, The Mamluki Era, The Hashemite Reconstruction, Ministry of Awqaf, and Islamic Affairs and Holy places

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