Prices of Wheat in a Mamluk Inscription from the Badiya of Jordan from the Years 748 A.H./1347 A.D. and 764 A.H./1363 A.D.

Khaled Suleman al-Jbour


This inscription was found at Rujm Umm-Shabīb located 50 km east of the town of Safāwī, in the east Jordanian bādīyah. The inscription sheds light on the prices of wheat in the years 748 A.H./1347A.D. and 764 A.H./1363A.D. in the town of al-Huwwah, in the district of Salkhad in the southern Hawrān.
The inscription mentions the mudd and gharārah, two units of measurement known in the Mamluk period. The inscription was lightly incised in naskhī script onto a basalt stone.
The importance of the inscription derives from it being a contemporary document that records the prices of wheat in those years, which match what is found in historical sources for that period, in addition to it having been found in the area of the northeast bādīyah of Jordan.


Arabic Inscription, Mamluk, Jordan, Wheat Prices, Salkhad

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