The View of Frankish Historians Towards Muslims During the First Crusade 490-521 A.H./1096-1127

Luay Ibrahim Bawanih


This study aims to identify the view that the Frankish historians who accompanied the First Crusade had towards Muslims – either positive or negative – based on their writings, whether the authors were close to the military leaders (the decision-makers) or their advisers, and to sift accurately, free from fancies and fanaticism, the views and information that they presented. The study concentrates on the military aspects of the Muslims and draws a clear and detailed picture of the political relations between the Muslims and the Franks in that period, shows the massacres that were committed against the Muslims, which formed part of their hostile view towards Muslims, and throws light on the negative aspects that the Frank historians attributed to Muslims. The study tries to bridge the gap in some aspects of the economic, social and religious life of Muslims from their point of view. The importance of the study derives from its detailed treatment of the Muslims and their leaders and various aspects of their life to form a comprehensive picture through the primary sources of the Franks who accompanied the Crusade, such as the witnesses who gave accurate details that can contribute to enriching our information about Muslims during the First Crusade and form a base that researchers of the First Crusade can rely on.


Frankish Historians, First Crusade, Historiography, Muslims

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