New Light on the History of Archaeological Research on the Prehistoric Periods in Jordan

Khaled Abu Ghanimeh


This article seeks to investigate the history of the archaeological research on prehistoric periods in Jordan from the beginning of the 1930s until the present. As will be shown throughout the paper, the archaeological research has passed through two main stages: the first extended from the 1930s to the 1970s and was characterized by individualistic interest in archaeological research. The second stage, which extended from the 1970s to the present, has witnessed a rising interest of scientific institutions and research centers, as well as specialized national personnel, in prehistoric periods. The latter stage revealed a large number of important prehistoric sites in various parts of Jordan. Such research has provided us with valuable information on different prehistoric periods and has contributed largely to placing Jordan, with the remaining regions of Fertile Crescent, on the map of human civilization development.


Prehistoric Periods, Archaeological Survey, Excavation, Palaeolithic, Epipalaeolithic, Pre-Pottery Neolithic A, and B, Pottery Neolithic A, and B, Chalcolithic

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