The Jerusalem Islamic Law Court Register Number 226 1145-1146 A.H/1733-1734 A.D - An Analytical Study

Muhammad Majid al-Hizmawi


This study is based principally on the documents of the Jerusalem Islamic Law Court register number 226, which includes the various cases that were presented before the court during the period between 12 Sha‘ban 1145 A.H /28 January 1733 A.D and 30 Rajab 1146 A.H /7 January 1734 A.D.
The register contains 209 pages including about 300 cases about different subjects, including, petitions, marriage contracts, buying and selling real estate, legacies, wills, selling and buying shares of the Sultanic and Egyptian donations (surrah), rentals, gifts and religious positions in a number of madrasahs and other institutions in Jerusalem.
The study is divided into five main domains: petitions, selling and purchasing real estate, the Sultanic and Egyptian donations (surrah) , marriage contracts and legacies.


Jerusalem, Ottoman History, Islamic Law Court

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