The Inhabitants of the City of Jerusalem in the 10th Century A.H./16th Century A.D. The Early Ottoman Tahrir Defters as a Source

Noufan Raja al-Sawariyah


This study investigates the inhabitants of the city of Jerusalem in the 10th century A.H./16th Century A.D., showing their groups and the growth of the city’s population during the first half of this century and its retreat at the end, elucidating the factors that led to that. The study also touches upon the negative and positive impacts that the neighboring bedouin tribes had on the structure of the city’s population, especially on the security and administration of the city of Jerusalem and its surrounding area.
This study relies fundamentally for its information on the statistical surveys that the Ottoman state conducted for the district of Jerusalem in the 16th century A.D., Century, on the Records of the Islamic Law Court of Jerusalem and on Sultanic Orders promulgated in the Muhimme Defters contemporary to these surveys


Tapu Defters, Sultanic Orders, Records of the Islamic Law Court of Jerusalem, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Bedouin.

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