The Sultanic Surre for the ‘Ulama’ in Jerusalem during the Ottoman Period (1111-1317 A.H./1700-1900 A.D.)

Muhammad Majid Salah al-Din al-Hizmawi


The article sheds light on the payment known as the sultanic surre that the Ottoman government delivered each year to the residents of Jerusalem.
The data are derived from the little-known records of the annual sultanic surre, which contain the names of hundreds of Muslim beneficiaries in the city, and the records of the Islamic law court, which document the sale and purchase of shares and the proxies whom some beneficiaries used to receive their shares from the person in charge of the surre during his stay in Damascus to accompany the hajj pilgrimage.
The records of the surre show five categories of beneficiaries divided into 63 groups based on their religious positions, city neighborhoods, or religious institutions.


Jerusalem, Ottoman period, Surre

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