The Agricultural Investments of Sulayman Pasha al-‘Azm in Some Regions of Bilad al-Sham in the Light of Ottoman Documents (1145 A.H./1732 A.D. – 1154 A.H./1741 A.D.

Noufan Raja al-Sawariyah


This study presents data derived from documents kept in the Topkapi Sari Museum in Istanbul dating to the time when Sulayman Pasha al-‘Azm was the governor of Damascus. The documents describe the methods that enabled him to monopolize the production of grain in the rural areas of Tripoli, Damascus, al-Ma‘arrah, Hamah and Homs. The article identifies the relationship between the governor and the rural officials, such as the administrators of village waqfs, zu‘ama and timariots and the relationship between the governor and the peasants. While attempting to achieve domination, the governor ensured security and minimized the interference of the military and Bedouin in the affairs of the peasants.
Tables present the data found in the documents concerning each region, upon which the analysis is based.


Sulayman Pasha al-‘Azm, Ottoman period, Bilad al-Sham, agriculture.

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