Rural Areas in Jordan During the Ottoman Period (The Village of Sareeh: A Case Study) 1516-1918

Hind Abu Al-Sha‘ar


This study is the first installment in a large project to study the rural areas in Jordan during the Ottoman period, based on a large number of sources. One notices that historical studies have mainly been interested in cities and urban centers in Jordan, therefore, I intend to study the countryside in Jordan, where most of its inhabitants live. Because they are mainly farming areas, rural areas were the backbone of economic life in Jordan. I chose the village of Sareeh as a case study because it depended on farming at the time, and because Ottoman sources provide abundant information about it. To depict the type of life in the countryside in Jordan during the Ottoman period I concentrated on land ownership, debts, and real estate.


Jordanian countryside, Ottoman period, Sarih Village, Lifestyle.

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