Epidemics and Plagues and Social Impacts at Bilad al-Sham in the Circassion Mumluk Period (784-922H\ 1382- 1516AD)

Mubarak Muhammed Al-Tarawneh


This study aimed to the statement of epidemics and plagues that thrived inBilad al-Sham in the Jerks Mumluk period (784-922H\ 1382- 1516AD) which required to state the geographical boundaries of the Levant at that time, and the definition of the epidemic, plague, which appears on the infected person of clinical symptoms.
The study sought to highlight what was accompanied by the spread of these infectious diseases and the deadly rituals and religious practices , as staying in the mosque or fasting three days closer to God and to lift the plague epidemic , as it describe the cooperation of people and their solidarity to get rid of what was used to accompany the spread of epidemics and plagues from social diseases ,such as price increases and drinking alcohol and committing immoral and actions , and recourse to astrologers and charlatans , and other social vices


Plagues, Circassion Mamluks, Religious Rite.

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