Hisham bn Muhammad ibn al-Sa‘ib al-Kalbi (d. 204 AH/819) and his Narrations During the Period of the Message

Ghaida’a Kazneh Katbi


The study of genealogy helps the study of history. Genealogists have recorded historical events in relation to genealogy. Among the most prominent genealogists in the second century of the hijrah was Hisham ibn Muhammad ibn al-Sa‘ib al-Kalbi (d. 204 AH/819 AD), whose work about genealogy contained much diverse historical information.
This study examines Ibn al-Kalbi and his narrations in the period of the Message, starting with the commissioning (mab‘ath) of the Prophet, may peace be upon him, up to the opening (fath) of Mecca. Ibn al-Kalbi’s narrations reveal his exposure to non-Arab sources that he used when covering events. His narrations used written reports of events, as well as oral narrations from his own time. One should remember that Ibn al-Kalbi was not a contemporary of the events of that period.
Ibn al-Kalbi was alone among genealogists in correcting narrations of the biography of the Prophet (al-Maghazi), such as that of Ibn Ishaq, and his remarks about genealogies were not repeated by others genealogists. His neutrality in dealing with the events of this period should be acknowledged. He presented the events based on the reports of the people who had participated in them.


Ibn al-Kalbi, Genealogy, Prophet Muhammad

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