The Sijill of the Islamic Law Court of Jerusalem Number 352 (1282-1292 A.H. /1865-1892 A.D.). An Analytical Study

Muhammad Majid al-Hizmawi


This study examines the sijill (register) of the Islamic Law Court of Jerusalem number 352 found in the Center for the Revival of Heritage and Islamic Research in the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf; it covers two time periods totaling nearly two years and nine months. The first period extended from Jumada al-Uwla / 1282 A.H. / September 1865 A.D. to Dhu al-Hijjah 1282 A.H. / April 1866 A.D., and the second period extended from Shawwal 1290 A.H. / November 1873 A.D. to Ramadan 1292 A.H. / October 1875 A.D. The focus of the documents is primarily on two important topics: purchase and sale contracts and lawsuits. The sijill contains 122 pages including nearly ninety cases; 53 cases concerning contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate, 27 cases involving claims and 10 cases dealing with different topics. So this article consists of two parts: the sale and purchase of real estate and lawsuits.


Islamic Law Court, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, real estate, lawsuits.


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