The Iraqi-British 1922 treaty and the Jordanian-British 1928 treaty A comparative study

Mohammed Abed AlRahman Nayel


This paper is a document-based comparison between the 1922 Iraqi-British treaty and the 1928 Jordanian-British treaty through a thorough investigation of international and domestic circumstances that lead to the two treaties. It also highlights the similarities and differences between the two treaties in articles related to foreign affairs, security issues, governance and monetary management, and the basic law. The paper also provides justifications for the delay in signing the Jordanian-British treaty until 1928 despite political and legal similarities between Iraq and Jordan at the time as regions under British mandate based on the Covenant of the League of Nations (1919), the Sevres Treaty with Turkey, and the results of the San Remo Conference (1920).


Iraqi-British treaty, Jordanian-British treaty.


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