The Archaeological Remains Discovered Near the Syrian Pilgrimage Route in the 'Aqabat Hijaz Region, Southern Jordan

Zeyad al-Salameen


This paper discusses the archaeological remains that have been discovered in
the 'Aqabat Hijaz Region of southern Jordan, which is located on the Syrian
Pilgrimage Route which links Damascus with Mecca. It presents new data
recovered in the light of recent archaeological fieldwork conducted between
2006-2009, and documents the discoveries that are associated with this route,
including architectural remains, water installations, coins, pottery, inscriptions
as well as seals. These confirm that the real prosperity of the site began during
the Ayyubid period, and continued to flourish as a pilgrimage station up to the
period of the 1916-18 Great Arab Revolt when the whole region was


Syrian Pilgrimage Route, 'Aqabat Hijaz, Batn al-Ghūl, the Great

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