The Nabataeans and Al-Wu’ayra: Archaeological Data, Hypothesis and Questions

Andrea Vanni-Desideri


The author presents a summary of the previous notes concerning the presence of the Nabataeans in the site of al-Wu’ayra at the eastern border of Petra in the light of updated archaeological data. The Medieval Petra Mission extended the research to the overall chronology for a better understanding of the short-term Crusader settlement in the entire framework of the history of the site. Beside a number of generic statements, many questions are still waiting for an answer. Among the others: what’s the actual consistence of archaeological data and which questions they pose? What can be said today about the use and function of the site during Nabataean period? The author presents the available archaeological data concerning the oldest history of the site and some hypothesis altogether with a correction of some previous interpretation concerning the Nabataean phase of the site on the basis of recent research by the Medieval Petra Mission.


Nabataean period, Petra, al-Wu’ayra

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