House V12 in the Nabataean village of Dharih. First attempt to interpret the remains

Pauline Piraud-Fournet, Laïla Nehmé


Two houses were excavated in the hamlet of Khirbet edh-Dharih (Central Jordan), dated to the Nabataean-Roman period. This paper focuses on the smallest housing complex, called V12, located at the southern end of the village. It includes two semi-detached houses, linked to each other by a common wall. Each house is composed of two rooms and a courtyard. The other complex house, V1, despite its being larger and much more lavish, shows the same general layout as V12. Through an analysis of the architecture and comparison with more recent examples of dwellings in the Near East, our aim is to explore possible interpretations regarding this layout which may reflect an ancient vernacular building tradition.


Khirbet edh-Dharih, architecture, dwelling, building tradition

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