Wadi Aglat Winery: A Model for Long Term Planning and Investment in Agriculture in the Petra Area – a Question at the Beginning

Ulrich Bellwald


Surveys in Wadi Aglat (West of “Little Petra”) from 2010 – 2017 have revealed the existence of a winery with 2 wine presses and a farmstead. Before the winery could be set up, the outlet of Wadi Aglat into Wadi Beidha was barred by a dam closing the drop off into Wadi Beidha to a total height of 19 m. The construction of the retention dam led to the deposition of the soil sediments required for the plantation of the vines, hence the wadi proved to be an entirely man-made landscape. After the accumulation of the soil deposits the area was terraced for the plantation of the vines and a sequence of totally 17 wadi and 6 terrace barriers was erected to dam up the runoff water. Two wine presses in the western and eastern part of the wadi assured an efficient wine making. An extend farmstead in the western area served as operational center of the winery. In conclusion it may be stated that the winery in Wadi Aglat is so far the most elaborate model of agriculture by terracing in the Petra area and furthermore it bears witness for a long-term planning and investment in agricultural production.


Nabataean Wine Production, Nabataean Economy, Royal Administration, Long Term Investment, Wine Presses, Farmstead, Dams

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