The Nabataean School of Painted Fine "Egg-Shell" Ware: Mythology and Concept

Zaid A Tahseen, Mohannad H Al-Tantawi


The research highlights on one of the most important and unique kind of pottery in the Nabatean civilization known as (pottery of egg shell). The study seeks specifically to prove and confirm the configuration of such art works to be representing a stand-alone school similar to other schools and artistic trends through the manufacture of technology and quality of production in addition to figures of drawings , motifs (decorations), and symbols executed on the surfaces of pottery , which carried Mythological thoughts reflecting the religious and intellectual orientations for the Nabatean society that was strongly influenced by the regional and neighboring civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Nile Valley, Phoenician, North Arabia, Greek, and Romanian Civilizations; benefiting it towards creating shapes and symbols of their own.


Fine arts, Nabataean pottery, "Egg-Shell" Pottery, Near Eastern Mythology, Nabataean rituals

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