The Intellectual Contribution of Omani Families in East Africa: The al-Mazroui family as a model

Mohamad Gaballa Ali


The history of East Africa has been enriched by the scientific and cultural heritage of Omani families who moved from Oman and settled in East Africa. Their family members passed on their education and learning to their children to form scientific families. African history is full of such scientific families, whose members have enriched the scientific and cultural developments in their communities.
The al-Mazroui family is one of the best-known scientific families in East Africa. Despite the Arab origins of this family, once they moved to East Africa and were influenced by and absorbed East African culture alongside their Arab culture, they produced an African Islamic culture that expressed the best aspects of the new society in which they lived.


al-Mazroui family, Mambasa, scientific families, Ali bin Abdalla bin Naf‘i al-Amin bin Ali al-Mazroui

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