The Political and Scientific Role of the Muhallibids in the Islamic Maghreb until the Beginning of the Aghlabid State 55-296 AH / 675-909 AD

Aseela al Rahali, Nadjib Benkheira


The Muhallib family played a prominent role in the Umayyad and early Abbasid periods in responding to the dangers of the Kharijites and in stabilizing the Umayyad and Abbasid states through their military and political skill and they became reknowned in the Arab Mashreq (East) and Maghreb (West) as military leaders and politicians. This family also promoted science and scholarship and a number of the family became famous in the Arab Mashreq as scholars and writers, although not in the Maghreb.
Ths study shows that the impact of the Muhallibids in the Maghreb during the period of autonomous provincial rule in the early Abbasid period was not limited to their politial and military roles, but also included administrative and cultural aspects as well. The article examines the careers of some of the prominent members of the Muhallibid family and shows how they supported scholarship in the Maghreb.


Muhallibids, Islamic Maghreb, political role, scientific role, religious sciences, language and literature sciences.


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