A Rare Arabic Inscription using a Script with Decorative Arches in the Jordanian Bādiya

Khaled S Al-Jbour, Nezar A Turshan, Maher Al-Shamaileh


The northeastern Baādiya (desert steppe) of Jordan is full of many types of inscriptions engraved on basalt rocks scattered within the Jordanian Ḥarrah (basalt area) and among the most prominent of them are Arabic, Islamic inscriptions. The important inscription examined here can be dated to the beginning of the second century AH on the basis of its script, which drew the upper ends of the Arabic letters alif and lam as decorative arches. Such use of arches in Arabic inscriptions is rare, so this article examines the use of arches and other forms of decorative elements in Arabic inscriptions


Islamic Inscriptions, Arches, Quranic Verses, Jordanian Badiya


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