The Culture of Entertainment in Damascus During the 18th Century

Mohannad Ahmed Mubaidin


This study aims at sheddinglight on the entertainment culture, its manifestations and the arts that
were common in the Damascene society during the 12th Hijri century/ the 18th century. The study
will rely on the various available historical resources in this respect, and will try to expose the
jurisprudence controversy and religious attitudes towards arts in general, mainly the spread of
music and mystic sects of the period. Besides, it will discuss the presence and nature of the public
cafés that were, and still are, the places which embraced some genres of art, among which are the
art of popular tail telling, the popular acting and gatherings of entertainment and singing.
The study will also approach the manifestations of art, ornamentation and entertainment in the
customs and traditions of the Damascene people in the aforementioned era. It will try to get the
reader acquainted with the art of recitation and the biographies of the eminent bards and singers of
the period, as well as tracing some professions related to arts The study comprises an introduction, five sections and a conclusion.


Culture of Entertainment, Damascene Society, Ottoman Age.

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