The Role and Contributions of Sunni Scholars in the Fatimid State (468-556 H) / (1075-1160 CE)

Luay Ibrahim Bawanih


This study examines the role of Sunni scholars within Egyptian society during the Fatimid period. This study covers the period from 468 H / 1075 CE, when Badr al-Jamali became vizier, up to 556 H / 1160 CE, the end of Tala’i‘ Ibn Ruzzayk’s time as vizier. Badr al-Jamali restricted Sunni scholars of Islamic law, literature, grammar and other fields, while Ibn Ruzzayk exemplified a model of open-mindedness towards them, so their role flourished in his time. The article addresses the relations of the Sunni scholars with the Fatimid state and their varied areas of involvement in affairs of state.


Fatimid Egypt, Fatimid state, Sunni scholars, Badr al-Jamali.


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