The British Position on the Dubai – Abu Dhabi Territorial Dispute over Khor Ghanadhah (1945-1947): A Documentary Study

Thabit Ghazi al-‘Amari


This study seeks to shed light on the British position regarding the border dispute over Khor Ghanadhah between the two Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The dispute began in 1945 when Dubai sought to control the Khor, a move that Abu Dhabi deemed an aggression on its territory and therefore necessary to reject. The British Government opposed the actions of the two Emirates, and so compelled the two Emirates to stop their actions and return to the preexisting situation. When the dispute broke out again, the British Government conducted an investigation to decide who had legal claims to the Khor. But despite reaching a clear result, the government did not announce the findings of the investigation in order to protect its future interests in both Emirates, especially related to oil discoveries.


Khor Ghanadhah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates.


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