The Historical Geography of the Ma‘an Badiya

Anwar D Al-Jazi, Eissa S Abu Saleem


This study investigates the historical geography of the Badiyah in the Ma‘an Governorate of Jordan. The study area consists of three major parts: the ash-Sharah Mountains and the Eastern Badiya, separated by the Central Region. The people in this area used to live in the spring and summer in the ash-Sharah Mountains, where water and ancient ruins were located, but as soon as winter approached and life became difficult in the elevated regions, they used to move to the warmer area of the Eastern Badiya, where shrubs and grass grow due to early rain showers and water could be supplied in wells. The study also discusses the demography of the area and the distribution and water resources, including springs and reservoirs.


Ma‘an, Jordanian Badiya, historical geography.


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