The Crisis of the Vizierate in the Period of the Fatimid Caliph al-Zafir bi-Amr Allah. The Vizier Al-Adil Ibn al-Sullar as a Model (544-548 AH / 1149-1153 CE)

Luay Ibrahim Bawanih


This study examines the personality of the Vizier Al-Adil Ibn Al-Sullar, the circumstances of his period in office, his relations with the different political forces and his destiny. This study sheds light especially on the crisis in the vizierate in the period of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Zafir Bi-Amr Allah and shows its effects on the Fatimid caliphate in Egypt, giving a clear picture of Al-Adil Ibn Al-Sullar in this crisis. The study begins by examining his lineage and personality. It observes his military activity until he reached the vizierate. The study concentrates on his struggle with the Vizier Ibn Massal and shows the reasons for the struggle and its course until he reached the vizierate. The study shows his achievements in the field of education, his support of the Sunnis and his military reforms. The study shows his position toward the Frankish invaders and his military approach with Nur –Al-Din Mahmud against the Franks, as well as the contradiction in his qualities. The study concludes by examining the circumstances of his assassination and its impact on the Fatimid state.


ابن السُّلار، الوزارة، الخليفة الظافر بأمر الله، الدولة الفاطمية.


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