The Contention Between Powerful Families in the District of Nablus from 1080 to 1245 AH/ 1669-1831 AD

Zuhair Abd-Al-Latif Ghanaiyem, Mahmoud Said Ashqar


This article examines the relationships among the influential families in the Nablus District during the period from 1080 to 1245 AH / 1669-1831 AD. The article studies the economic activities that some of them carried out and the positions that they filled. The article explains the reasons behind their competition, the role played by the governors of the Districts of al-Sham and Sidon and the impact of the Yemeni-Qaisi conflict. The article examines the manifestations of this competition, in particular the siege by the governors of Damascus and Sidon of the centers where some influential families resided and the subsequent killing of the population, the destruction of villages and displacement of their population.


Nablus, Ottoman History, Ottoman Administration, Iltizam, Mutasalim.


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