The History of The Bataniyyah in Aleppo and Its Vinicity until the Middle of the Seventh Century AH / Thirteenth Century AD

Al- Mahdi Eid Al-Rawadieh


This article sheds light on the history of Bataniyyah sect in the region of Aleppo from its emergence until the end of the Ayyubid state in 658 AH / 1260 AD., including the influence of its members on public life, their ambitions, their tools in terrorizing their opponents, the regions they governed and their relations with the governing states, whether cooperative or hostile. The article does not seek to discuss their beliefs in depth, but rather to investigate their presence in Bilad al-Sham over four centuries and the historical sources that mention them.


Bataniyyah, Druze, Ismailis, Nizaris, al-Amiriyyah, Aleppo.


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