The Caliphate and Sultanate in Historic Narrative and Jurisprudential Opinions (A Compilation and Analysis of the Historical Jurisprudential Text)

Ghaidaa Khaznah Katbi


The Caliphate and Sultanate in Islamic times were administrative entities that are related to several political and religious principles, a prominent issue investigated by historians and scholars of jurisprudence, whose narratives and jurisprudential opinionsdiffer in their treatment of those two institutions, influencing how they weaved their narratives. This article examines the aspects related to the historic narratives about the bases of those two institutions and the diverse jurisprudential opinions that build on the historical events and justify them as they later came to be considered religious principles upon which political jurisprudence is based. The article also tackles the methods of studying historical narratives and jurisprudential opinions that are critical of some aspects of those two institutions. The study identifies the perspective of reform that the jurisprudents offered in their writings about the sultanate and how it corresponds to the implications of historians in order to see how supportive they were of the sultanate and its cornerstones.


Caliphate, Sultanate, Islamic historians, Islamic Jurisprudents.


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