The Battle of Yassıçemen (627 AH / 1230 AD) and its Impact on the Political Situation of Anatolia

Fatima Yahia al-Rubaidi


This article examines the implications of an important battle that took place in the region of Yassıçemen in Rumelia in the seventh century AH / 13th century AD between the two Islamic states of the Seljuqs of Rum and the Khwarizmians. The battle of Yassıçemen, in which the Seljuk-Ayyubid armies defeated the Khwarizmis, led to the collapse of the Khwarizimians and opened the way for the Mongols to move westward towards Rumelia and Asia Minor.
The article studies the nature of the political and diplomatic relations between the two states before the battle and the most important political alliances in the region, in which the Ayyubid dynasty emerged as a third party in the disputes between the Khwarizmians and the Seljuks of Rum over the disputed border areas in Asia Minor and Armenia.


Yassıçemen, Khwarezmians, Seljuks of Rum, Ayyubids

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