The Overlap of Arabic Genealogy and Those of Non- Paternal Relationship in the Book of: Jamharat Ansab Al- Arab by Ibn Hazm Al- Andalusi

Awadh A. Al-Thnaibat


This paper tries to study an important issue in Islamic history which deals with genealogy.
The writer attempts to introduce the author, Ibn Hazm, and his book: Jamhart Ansab Al-Arab and
its methodology; as well as introducing Arabic genealogy and its levels and how the overlap
between Arabic tribes happens. The study attempts also to show cases of such overlap, and the
reasons for non-paternal relationships such as maternal relationship, relating to the mother-in-law,
father-in-law, to grandmother, uncle, to the nephew, to the he or she adopter, relating people to
their place of residence; or relating on the basis of alliance or any other reasons.


Genealogy, Ansab, Overlap between Arabic tribes.

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