Location of Tell Abu Sawwan Site/ Modern Stone Age Results of the First Three Seasons of Excavations

Maysoon Abdulghany al Nahar


Tell Abu es Sawwan site located in Jordan to the east side of the old Jarash Amman high way just before the turn to Ajloun. The University of Jordan conducted its field school at the site in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The excavations results at the site demonstrated that Tell Abu es Sawwan include Pre Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) and Yarmoukian periods. This site is one of the mega PPNB sites in Jordan. Moreover, it is the only PPNB site excavated in north of Zarqa River. During the three seasons of excavations at the site two buildings were uncovered; one of them found in the east side of the site and it is a unique large squared/rectangular structure with parallel interior walls and includes three types of plaster floors (Red, Yellow, White and Mud floors). In the West side of the site a small room with three walls was uncovered.


Neolithic, University of Jordan Excavations, Pre Pottery, Yarmoukian Culture, Plaster floors, Lithics, Scrapers, Arrowheads

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