al-Salt City Earthquake 1927 (Text and Study)

Esa S. Abu S.alim, Mohammad A. Khuraisat


This paper uses historical research to examine the available sources on the huge earthquake of Bilad al-Sham that struck in 1927. The earthquake impacted large areas of Bilad al-Sham, including Jordan, causing great damage and loss of life. This study emphasizes the effects of the earthquake on the Jordanian city of al-Salt in an effort to determine the number of human causalities and the extent of material losses. We also investigate how the earthquake affected reconstruction and how new building materials and techniques were employed to make the rebuilt city more earthquake resistant. Our main source was the al-Salt Sub-Ambulances Commission archive recovered by the municipal codification center. Other contemporary historical sources were also used.


al-Salt city, Bilad al-Sham earthquake, 1927

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