The Notables in the City of Nablus and Their Socio-Economic Roles during the 19th Century, 1214/1800-1317/1900

Mohammad Hizmawi


The class of notables in the city of Nablus were a significant part of the city’s social fabric in the 19th century. The paper emphasizes the social and economic role of the notables in the city through commerce, trade, marriage and other means. The study uses the registers of the Islamic law court of Nablus as a major source for the social and economic history of the Ottoman period that is full of information not found in other sources. Dozens of cases are examined in 14 of the law court registers, copies which are available at An-Najah National University and the Centre for Documentation and Manuscripts at Jordan University.


Nablus, Notables in Palestine, Islamic Law Court records.

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