Economic Life in the City of al-Salt, 1923-1930

Issa S. Abu-Saliem


This study investigates the various economic activities in the Jordanian city of al-Salt in the period between 1923 and 1930, based on two especially important historical sources: the records of the municipal council and the chamber of commerce. The available historical information, after its analysis and evaluation, is aided by other sources and related modern studies.
The study clarifies that in the field of agriculture, the production of grain, fruits and vegetables increased, and as well, the crafts to process these products started to arise. The study then tackles livestock as an important economic resource for the city and the surrounding areas.
The study highlights trade activity in al-Salt, the markets, roads, imports and exports and the currencies, measures and weights that were used then.


Salt, Economic life, Records of the municipal council, Chamber of commerce

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