The Ottoman Authority in Hijaz in the Middle of the 11th /17th Century as Reflected by the Rule of Sharif Mecca Zayd b. Muhsin(1041AH/1631-1077AH/1666)

Uwaidah M. AlJuhany


During the 11th /17th Century, the Ottoman Empire was infected by a decay which infiltrated all of its institutions. That decay caused slackness, corruption and disturbances all around the Ottoman provinces. It resulted in the emergance of despotic governers in those provinces who arbitrarly controlled their provinces and allowed the Central Government only a nominal authority.
This paper is an attempt to investigate the effect of that Ottoman phenomenon on Hijaz and how did Sharif Zayd b. Muhsin of Mecca (1041AH/1631-1077AH/1666) reacted to disorder and corrupt policies which were prevailing in Istanbul and Cairo in the middle of the 11th /17th Century.


Ottoman Empire, Hijaz, Mecca, Sharif Zayd b. Muhsin

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