The Jewish Community in Jerusalem from the Beginning of the Ottoman Period up to the Commencement of the Zionist Movement

Ibrahim Rabayaa


The article deals with the vital and topical aspect of the Arab-Israeli dispute represented by the Judaization of Jerusalem. The article sheds light on the reality of the Zionist project to judaize Jerusalem. It also seeks to concentrate on the time period that witnessed the first appearance of the plans and instruments used then to implement their aims whereby we can recognize the historical development of that plan and its desired styles to "Israelize" the stones and people. It will be possible for us to recognize–from what we will present later–the change or development in the means that they followed based on the regional circumstances and new developments that had positive and negative impacts on their project. This study examines the cultural and civilization heritage of the Arab communities, especially the Ottoman documents that are an early and authentic source recording the history of the city of Jerusalem in its various aspects throughout the Ottoman period.
The Jews, considered as a part of Jerusalem society, are recorded in many documents of legal cases that the Jews were party to. After examining the documents that date to the Ottoman period, I found a large quantity that address their situation that are worthy of study for understanding the first beginnings of the Jewish presence in Jerusalem before the Zionist movement was founded. This study showed the necessity of dealing with this topic in order to understand the situation and the nature of the plans and the methods that the Jews used to strengthen their presence and to gain control of what they could in the holy city.


Jerusalem, The Jews, Ottoman Period, Zionist Movement

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