Political Life in Al-Andalus in the Time of Yusuf Ibn 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Fihri (129H/747-138H/756)

Mohammad N. Al-Amayreh, Omar Z. Al-Mazaydeh


The present study investigates political life in Al-Andalus in the age of Yusuf ibn 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Fihri, who governed from 747 to 756 A.D. It presents Al-Fihri and how he came to power with the help of Al-Sumayl Ibn Hatim, then the internal revolts in his time. The article shows the importance of this time in the period of the governors in Al-Andalus.
This period witnessed three historical stages: the end of the Umayyad state and the establishment of the Abbasid state in the East, and the establishment of the Umayyad state in Al-Andalus by 'Abd al-Rahman Al-Dakhil, who was able to defeat Yusuf al-Fihri in the battle of Al-Masarah in 138 H/756 AD, which brought an end to the period of the governors and established the Umayyad state in Al-Andalus.


Andalusia, Yusuf Al-Fihri, Political life

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