Marriage in Pre- Islamic Arabia Its Governing Laws, Ceremonies and Rituals: "A Historical Study"

Hayel M. AL-Bree, Subhi M. Al-Azzam


This Study aims at elucidating the rules and ceremonies of marriage in Pre- Islamic Arabia. Marriage is as old as humanity through which families, communities and nations are perpetuated. Pre-Islamic marriage had many practices, some of which were later embraced and assimilated by Islam and others were done away with. The concept of marriage, rules, origins, customs and traditions, proposing, and rituals are addressed in this paper. The impact of neighboring Civilizations e.g. Persian and Roman on Arabian marriage is also addressed. Arabs prior to Islam did not follow one tradition with respect to marriage but varied in their approach depending, of course, on geographical location, customs and traditions and economic welfare. The most common and recognized types of marriage consisted of: Al-Baolah marriage Al-Mota marriage, Al-Shughar marriage, Al-Muqt marriage, al-Mukhadanah marriage, and Al- IstibDa marriage. Al-Baolah marriage was by far the most common and widespread type of marriage among Arabs, simply because the family would incur a lot of profit out of it. Finally, the paper looks into the status of Pre- Islamic women. Women during this period had a right and say over their marriage and dowry.


Marriage, Woman, Ceremonies, Traditions, Pre- Islamic Arabia

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