Commercial Markets in the City of Jerusalem in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century (1267-1318 AH / 1850-1900 AD) in Light of the Records of the Islamic Law Court of Jerusalem

Muhammad Majid Salah al-Hizmawi


This study aims to shed light on the commercial markets (suqs) in Jerusalem during the second half of the nineteenth century as one of the main pillars of economic activity in the city. The study mainly relied on the microfilmed records of the Islamic Law Court in Jerusalem in the Department of the Revival of Islamic Heritage of the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf in Abu Deis . The study is divided into three sections: the first deals with markets, and the shops found there, as well as the goods and products found there. The second section deals with the Ottoman and foreign currencies that the inhabitants used during the period of the study, clarifying the methods of commercial exchange, in addition to bonds and bills of exchange, while the third section deals with the most important commercial firms.


Jerusalem, 19th century, markets, Islamic Law Court records, Ottoman currency, bills of exchange


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